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Welding Inspection:

BCI has established an excellent reputation for having well-trained, professional welding inspectors who are customer service oriented. Due to our in-depth experience with various codes, attention to detail, and our strict compliance with certified and accredited quality assurance programs, you can be confident in receiving accurate weld inspection reports which will not only highlight quality workmanship, but proper discontinuity documentation in case of unsatisfactory welds.

BCI offer laboratory and field inspection services nationally and internationally. We routinely perform weld inspections on bridges, pressure vessels, piping, valves, structures and manufactured components for various industries. Over the years we have established ongoing relationships with hundreds of clients in the power generation (fossil, hydroelectric, renewable energy, nuclear), automotive, aircraft, maritime, offshore drilling, general manufacturing, and construction industries.

Our certified welding inspectors also provide traditional and advanced weld testing. Our testing services include nondestructive, mechanical and metallurgical testing.

We work with manufacturers to provide Total Quality Assurance that their welding processes meet the requirements necessary to consistently manufacture products of a high quality and to assist them in complying with industry recognized international and national codes and standards. Training welders to national and international standards also enables client to seek new markets for their products and to operate within a global marketplace.

Welding services include:

  • Welder approval codes and training
  • Writing of WQR (Welder Qualification Records)
  • Writing of WPS and WPQR (Weld Procedure Specification and Weld Procedure Qualification Records)
  • Third Party Witnessing of welder qualification and welding procedure qualification
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)
  • Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC) Services
  • Services of CSWIP (Certification Scheme for Welding Inspection Personnel), EWS (European Welding Specialist), and AWS (American Welding society)
  • Metal materials testing including tensile testing, hardness testing and impact testing
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